Board of Directors


The Board of Directors in office consists in 9 (nine) members elected by the Ordinary Shareholders’ Meeting held on 13th April 2015


Name Position
Roberto Colaninno Chairman and Chief Executive Officer*
Matteo Colaninno Deputy Chairman
Michele Colaninno Director
Giuseppe Tesauro Director **
Graziano Gianmichele Visentin Director **
Maria Chiara Carrozza Director **
Federica Savasi Director
Vito Varvaro Director **
Andrea Formica Director **
  * Executive
  ** Indipendent

The Board has a central role in connection with corporate organisation and is responsible for the functions and strategic guidelines, as well as the verification of the existence of the necessary controls to monitor the performance of the Issuer and Group companies of which it is the Parent Company.

The Board has all powers for the management of the company and for this purpose can approve or execute all actions considered necessary or useful for the implementation of the objects of the company with the exception of those reserved by law and by the Articles of Association for the Shareholders' Meeting.

In addition, the Board examines and approves the strategic, industrial and financial plans of the Issuer and of the Group of which it is the Parent Company, the corporate governance system and the structure of the Group of which it is the Parent Company.


  • The Company is administered by a Board of Directors comprising at least 7 and no more than 15 directors
  • Board Directors are appointed by the Ordinary Shareholders’ Meeting based on lists submitted by Shareholders
  • The term of the office shall not exceed three financial years


Persons who have gained at least three years experience in the following may be appointed as directors of the company:

a) administration and supervision activities, i.e. senior management tasks in joint stock companies with share capital of at least two million EUR; or

b) professional activities or university teaching in legal, economic, financial and technical-scientific fields strictly related to Company operations; or

c) managerial functions with public bodies or the public administration sector operating in the credit, financial or insurance fields, or in any case in fields which are strictly related to the company operations.

omunque, in settori strettamente attinenti a quello di attività della Società.


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