Vespa Footwear: 2017 Fall Winter Limited Collection

Nov 01 2017 11:17

Here are the models and colours of the new collection, available from top stores in Europe. Locate them on the web map.

One of the new licenced projects presented at the latest Pitti Uomo event was Vespa Footwear, successfully launched by br.X (Design Trading Service), a Vespa Official Licensee.

The Vespa Footwear “2017 fall winter limited collection” is now available in top stores in Europe, from Milan, Zurich and Paris, to London, Amsterdam and Patrasso.

Freccia, Corsa e Trevi are the models for the new fall-winter season: top-class softly shaped footwear (in suede and leather; nylon suede), with high-quality details, displaying the Vespa logos, whose colours are inspired by the liveries of the Vespa range.

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