Piaggio Group pursues the creation of value and growth over the long term through responsible management of all stakeholder expectations.

The organisational structure of Piaggio Group analysed through the application of the model of the value chain theorised by Prof. Michael Porter in 1985 is the following:

Organisational structure of Piaggio Group

Each primary company function, in carrying out its own activities, seeks to create value for all shareholders, while complying with business ethics and adopting a number of social values.


  • R&D (Research and Development) deals in the development of technologies which may be applied to next-generation products;
  • Design studies the vehicles that will be sold next, which best meet customer needs;
  • Operating activities researches how to lower consumption and emissions and responsible consumption of resources;
  • Logistics seeks to maximise the efficiency of activities to manage the flow of tangible goods going into and coming out of the organisation;
  • The marketing and sales offices perform product advertising on the market and management of the sales process, strictly following the rules established by the Istituto di Autodisciplina Pubblicitaria - Self-Regulatory Institute of Advertising;
  • After-sales service for customers is performed with the care and competence necessary to guaranteeing one of the highest service standards on the market.

Support and procurement processes

The support processes are those that do not directly contribute to creation of output, but which are necessary to its production, and are:

  • Procurement: all those activities for the purchase of the resources needed to produce output and for the organisation to function;
  • Management of human resources: recruitment, selection, hiring, training, teaching, updating, development, mobility, remuneration, rewards systems, trade union negotiations and collective bargaining, etc.
  • Infrastructure activities: all the other activities including accounting, finance, planning, IT systems, legal affairs, etc.
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